Residential Security Services

Our licensed, well dressed and customer oriented security guards provide your residential property with an extra set of eyes while your away. It's understandable that people rely on CCTV to protect their assets however those camera's are not always monitored. We can provide a static on location guard who will conduct patrols of the property, log tenant/visitor parking and act as a physical deterrent.

Venue Management

From socials to private parties we can provide uniformed, low profile or concierge security services. The level of security is up to you, we cater to your specifications. We also provide the needed equipment in order for our guards to do their jobs safely and ensure the safety of your guests at all times.

24 hour Mobile Response

This unique service allows our mobile patrol to conduct vehicular and foot patrols of your desired property.

  • Scheduled Patrols (preset times)
  • Staggered Patrols (random times)
  • Key Holder Response
  • Alarm Company Response

Please ask us about our A la Cart mobile service.

Fire Watch

Having an issue with your Fire Panel? We understand the importance of the added safety of your tenants. We can provide a security guard to conduct a patrol of your property every 30mins to ensure there are no signs of smoke or fire. 

Secured Unit Service

This service is geared towards property management companies who may have concerns surrounding a problematic tenant who has moved out but may still have access to the unit. We will provide a high profile security guard to remain on location until the locks have been changed. This service provides caretakers, locksmiths and on-site staff with a satisfying level of peace of mind. 

Please contact us for details on this specialty service.